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Stone Grain Melamine Board Qilian Stone YDH2311B1

Inspired by the sandstone texture, originating from the Qilian Mountains, one of the five major jade varieties in China; the overall texture is delicate and mellow, smooth as condensed fat, with diverse textures and naturally blended colors, exuding a strong sense of rhythm and decoration.  

Suitable for wall decoration in living rooms, bedrooms, corridors, etc., creating a natural and exquisite atmosphere.


SUPPORT: OSB/Chipboard/Plywood/MDF

SIZE: 1220x2440mm/1220x2745 mm


GRADE: E1/E0/ENF/F4-Star

Product Description

Discard complexity and luxury, carry the pursuit of true life, return to the primitive, embrace nature, and feel the beauty of various original ecologies. Taking a closer look at the Stone Grain Melamine Board Qilian Stone, inspired by the unique landscape of the Qilian Mountains, it exhibits the unique charm of simulated stone texture. The overall texture is delicate and warm, smooth as gelatin, evoking a sense of longing. The interplay of textures, natural colors, and elegant atmosphere showcases the beauty of nature. Stone Grain Melamine Board Qilian Stonefeatures wear resistance, moisture resistance, water resistance, impact resistance, heat resistance, high hardness, and easy cleaning. Additionally, its rich sense of rhythm and decorative nature make it suitable for various scenes, such as living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and other wall decorations. Whether in residential or commercial spaces, it creates a natural and exquisite atmosphere, providing visual enjoyment and comfortable living experience. This decorative panel embellishes the space with taste and style, making one feel as if immersed in the magnificence of the Qilian Mountains, experiencing the beauty of nature while also showcasing inherent elegance and taste.

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