Product development innovation

The company attaches great importance to product development, innovation, upgrading and independent intellectual property protection, research and development centers in a leading position in the peer.


The first to introduce China's furniture sheet industry Article 1 Germany Wengkang synchronous pattern of automatic paste production lines, and with the German Diefenbach base plate production line of upstream suppliers to form strategic partners, at the same time, the company has a number of domestic current The most advanced automated paste production line.

Build support

For the partners to provide a unified, standardized SI and the terminal store decoration design (store image, sample display, display display matching), one to one to support the new store decoration design, store renovation, store SI standardization to build.

Training support

The implementation of all-round training system, including partner training, shopping guide training, project development training to help agents to build a professional sales team and continuously improve the quality of the team to improve the profitability of partners.

Loading support

For the level of joining partners to provide loading standard discount support. As long as the manual in accordance with the manual to complete the first time, you can enjoy the first time in the discount return, appropriate to reduce the operating pressure on new store opening.

Rebate support

In order to join the partners at all levels to complete the agreement sales, to provide monthly, quarterly, annual high rebate support.
  • 01. agree

    Agree with Yao Donghua’s corporate culture and management model, agree with the core concept of business and values.

  • 03. strength

    Has a good investment philosophy and the corresponding financial strength.

  • 05. Team

    Able to establish an efficient management executive team, a ready-made management team is preferred.

  • 07. confidence

    Own entrepreneur mentality is willing to red cotton sheet business as a main or unique project, following the Group’s strategic development bigger and stronger.

  • 02. Experience

    There are related brands to join the operation of the relevant experience, there are building materials, home and other industries operating experience of the market elite, with long-term cooperation to seek long-term development aspirations.

  • 04. contacts

    In the local mainstream building materials home stores have a good personal connections.

  • 06. Shop and warehouse

    In the local mainstream building materials home stores have good bunks and warehouses.

Applicant ‘s intention to consult

Comprehensive assessment of the applicant ‘s qualification strength

Intention Applicant Fill in
“Agent to join the application form” and other materials

The qualifications of the applicant
And related application materials for review

Notify the applicant to the headquarters

Officially signed

Ready to open

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