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Formaldehyde Emission Standards: E1, E0, ENF, F4-Star - Which Grade is Better?

Time : 2024-04-12

With the increasing emphasis on environmental protection, especially the growing concern and recognition among the younger generation, people are paying more attention to creating a healthy living environment at home. When choosing decorative panels, you may encounter various environmental certification standards such as E1, European standards, CARB, E0, ENF, and F4-Star ratings. If you are unfamiliar with these standards, you may feel confused when making a purchase, unsure whether your future living space will be healthy and whether the panel furniture you use is safe and reliable.

China's Formaldehyde Emission Standards

Since October 1, 2021, China's new environmental regulations have divided formaldehyde emission standards into three levels: E1, E0, and ENF, with these three levels gradually upgrading from low to high.

E1 Grade

The formaldehyde emission limit for E1 grade is ≤0.124 mg/m³, which is the national standard for formaldehyde emission of wood-based panel products and the entry-level standard for interior decoration. If the emission of panel exceeds 0.124 mg/m³, theoretically, it is not allowed for indoor decoration.

E0 Grade

The formaldehyde emission standard for E0 grade is 0.050 mg/m³, which is the most popular product on the market due to its moderate price, resulting in large sales volume. If there are no children at home, using products of E0 grade is completely acceptable.

ENF Grade

ENF grade means no formaldehyde added during production, with a formaldehyde emission standard of 0.025 mg/m³. This standard has very high authority, far surpassing E0 grade, and is applicable to the formaldehyde emission grading of various types of wood-based panels and their products for indoor use. When purchasing various panels such as particleboard, plywood, MDF, decorative veneer panels, wooden flooring, wooden wall panels, wooden doors, etc., you can choose according to the ENF environmental standard.

F4-Star Rating Standard

F4-Star Rating is the standard system for free formaldehyde in Japan, with four levels of evaluation criteria, gradually becoming stricter from one star to four stars. The highest international environmental standard certification is "F4-Star", which not only has requirements for formaldehyde but also certifies the entire factory production system, including raw materials, production processes, and finished products. In terms of free formaldehyde indicators, F4-Star is the highest standard internationally, with an average formaldehyde emission limit not exceeding 0.3 mg/L, and there are no restrictions on usage area.

As a professional manufacturer of decorative panels, KAPOK PANEL can provide you with four standards: E1, E0, ENF, and F4-Star. All standards strictly adhere to regulations and have obtained qualification certification.



Do not hesitate!Choose the product standard that suits your requirements.

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