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branded advantages

The company has been pursuing “the quality of the refinement, and customers mutually beneficial cooperation,” the purpose of advocating “intentions to do, continue to go beyond, the dream of achievement” corporate culture, become the first batch of national industry access to “national industrial products (wood-based panel) production License “business. “Cotton” brand impregnated film paper decorative wood-based panel products won the national industry in the first batch of “national industrial products (wood-based panel) production license” enterprises. “Cotton Science and Technology”, “Foshan City Engineering R & D Center”, “Foshan City Engineering R & D Center” certification, have won the “high-tech enterprises”, “Foshan City Enterprise Technology Center”, “Guangdong Province Engineering R & D Center” China’s wardrobe industry preferred supplier “,” China wardrobe industry excellence quality award “,” preferred door brand “,” Chinese building materials trust brand “,” China top ten brands “,” brand-name products in Guangdong Province “honorary title.
So far, the company involved in 20 countries (industry) standard system revised, won the 22 patents, as national, provincial and other 18 industry associations (members), president of the unit.

Equipment advantage

In China, China’s furniture industry took the lead in the introduction of the first German temperature of the Winnenter synchronous pattern of automatic paste production line, and with the German Diefenbach base plate production line of upstream suppliers to form strategic partners,
The company also has a number of domestic the most advanced automated pressure paste production line.

Quality control system advantages

(Such as IP, summer special, etc.) high-quality high-grade materials, products rich variety of fancy, decorative panel board texture natural, good color stability, the environmental indicators and product quality indicators are strict According to national standards and corporate standards control. In 2002 the company passed the ISO9001 quality management certification, since 2003 to implement ERP system management, 2010 into the bar code software system, is the first use of wood-based panel industry information management system, one of the enterprises in 2014 through the FSC certification.

Product innovation advantages

The company attaches great importance to product development, innovation, upgrading and independent intellectual property protection, research and development centers in a leading position in the peer.

In 2010, the company cooperated with the Forestry College of South China Agricultural University to become the teaching practice base. The company set up the “R & D Center for Furniture Decorative Wood-based Panel”. The supporting functional departments have research and development departments, product application laboratories, quality management departments, etc. to develop products, And to ensure product quality, the current R & D center has 1m3 formaldehyde test chamber, weathering test machine, constant temperature and humidity chamber, multi-functional universal mechanical testing machine, wear instrument, scratch test machine, gloss meter, , Spectrophotometer, perforation extractor, hot press and other advanced detection equipment and research and development equipment more than 20 Taiwan (sets), to meet the decorative panel of all the testing and testing projects. Laboratory has a wealth of industry experience, high-quality professional personnel, by a number of timber or chemical professional bachelor, master, quality engineers, patent managers and professors to form research and development team.

Established in 1995, Yaodonghua is a professional manufacturer of interior decorative boards and furniture boards, providing one-stop solution to custom home furnishings manufactures with same color furniture accessories, owns KAPOK name as brand in the market.
Yaodonghua takes the lead in passing the ISO9001:2008 quality management system authentication, has owned 22 innovation patents and participate in the formulation of 20 national standards and industry standards. We were awarded as Guangdong Engineering Technology Research and Development Center, Foshan Enterprise Technology Center, and National High and New Technology Enterprise, Guangdong Top Brand and Guangdong Famous product and etc.
KAPOK boards is widely used in house interior furniture, decoration, wall decor, commercial space, hotel and other luxurious places with it’s 400 colors. Yaodonghua imports the 1st full automatically lamination machine of Registered embossing melamine, which produces natural close solid wood finished panels suits for high class market, that makes KAPOK boards the top priority choice by famous furniture manufactures because of its healthy, elegant, fashion, natural, and delicate. Besides of research and production of boards, we also produce and supply the same color accessory materials such as pvc edge banding, door frame, sliding door and swing door for furniture.
The average year overturn of Yaodonghua is 450 million yuan, which boards sells quantity is 6 million pcs that 20-25% is contributed by export sales, mainly export market is from South America, North America, Europe, Middle-east, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and so on.
The main aim of this trip is for further research of oversea market and related policy, includes researching of agricultural and new material market in USA, Cuba and Mexico, meanwhile search the market demand and development intention.



20 years R & D
400 Stable production
20 national patents
1500 R & D site

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